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Shanghai Beconm Chemical Co., Ltd. (shanghai bioagriland crop care co.,ltd)is a professional agricultural solutions supplier who provides all kinds of the Techinical , Formulation, Packages in agrochemical market. Our products cover the world's main herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and a variety ...


  • Specialty Mixtures

    2,4-D 45.242%+Florasulam 0.625% SE
    Imazamox 3.3%+Imazapyr 1.5% SL
    Picloram+ Clopyralid
    Fludioxonil 1% +Metalaxyl-M 3%
    +Azoxystrobin 6% FS
  • Competitive Formulations

    Haloxyfop-r-methyl 108G/L EC
    Imazamox4% SL
    Fludioxonil2.5% FS
    Imidacloprid 60%FS
  • Key Technicals

    Haloxyfop-r-methyl TC
    Fludioxonil TC
    Picoxystrobin TC
    Imidacloprid TC